Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Gets A Morvil Facelift

On February 23, the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce proudly launched their new site, which was designed and programmed by us at Morvil Advertising+Design. The project, which took nearly two years to finish, is a proud accomplishment for our company. The old site needed an update, and Morvil is thrilled about its redesign.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs look at the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce–the site gets around 25,000 hits a month–to see whether or not Wilmington is a good location for business. The new site properly reflects our great city with its clean, modern design. Even the logo, also designed here at Morvil, has changed from an old Greek pillar to a new blue “W”. The site is colored by a pristine white background and blue hues. The blue provides striking in contrast to the white and helps to symbolize the coastal aspect of our city, which is a major factor in bringing in outside businesses.

In addition, the new site takes a more communal approach, with blogs from members of the organization that are constantly updated. The site also has both YouTube and Facebook pages, which are modern ways of reaching a younger audience. One feature that I appreciate is the sliding front page, which shows local entrepreneurs and their ideas/products. We find that this is a fantastic way to showcase local success stories and talent.

Also noteworthy are the cleanliness and simplicity of the site. Too often, local sites are cluttered with too much information and are a hassle to navigate. Not so with the new Wilmington Chamber of Commerce site.

First impressions are everything and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce is often the first thing many outside business see. Morvil hopes that this new design will properly reflect the youth and vibrancy of Wilmington and, in turn, drive more business to our community. Please visit the site and tell us what you think in the comment section below.